Badger Tales

Street artists join ‘Stop the Cull’ campaign

Street artists from around the world join the ‘Stop the cull’ campaign to save the badgers In the summer last year, England was facing the start of what was to become a disastrous pilot badger cull. The government wanted to keep it quiet. The media responded with minimal coverage of […] ... Read the full article »

Encounters with badgers

John Aitchison
Badger Tales
My job is to make wildlife films for television.  For that reason as well as for pleasure, I’ve spent hundreds of nights in the company of badgers. Most of those nights I spent in a wood in Oxfordshire, filming by the light of infra-red lamps, which were invisible to the […] ... Read the full article »

Urban badgers

Mark Carwardine
Badger looking over wall 3
I’ve been watching badgers for as long as I can remember. Some years ago, I even bought a house simply because there was a badger sett in the garden; the house itself was a total disaster (it was made of wood and falling apart – I lost a lot of […] ... Read the full article »

The dead badger

Owen Newman
I was on the edge of the Salisbury plain one hot summer’s day in the ‘70s, when I drove past a dead badger lying by the side of a narrow country lane. I always stopped to check that ‘dead’ badgers really were dead but this time, because of a tight deadline, I didn’t. ... Read the full article »