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  • Author: Badgergate
  • Published: 28-02-2013 at 15:03:42

Hundreds of thousands of people have been registering their objections to the UK Government's badger cull policy via the written word - by tweeting, blogging, writing letters and emails and signing petitions. Some have also created videos to express their deep reservations about the proposed cull,  or to show why badgers deserve our protection. Still others have simply been inspired to capture badgers 'doing their own thing'. Here are some that caught our attention.

Stop The Cull

Voices of reason:  Sir David Attenborough, Mark Carwardine, Simon King and George Monbiot explain their scientific, moral and ethical objections to the UK Coalition Government’s badger cull policy

Just Do Something

What a badger cull means: In a few simple words, this video conjures up the spirit of the Coalition’s badger cull policy

Badgers at night

Badgers at play: Unique night time cameras developed by Ammonite Films capture wild badgers having fun as dusk falls on the edge of Bristol.