Badgers have a long history of persecution in Britain and, in recent decades, of also being culled through official Government programs. The present badger cull policy has been long in the making. In this Background section, we provide more context to the current badger cull policy by looking at the history of bovine TB management and badger control in the UK, both under the present Coalition Government and during the 20th century.

Many different government bodies and agencies as well as non-governmental organisations and professional associations  have been involved in one way or another in the development and implementation of various badger cull policies, including the present one. We ourselves sometimes lose track of who’s who and what they’ve done and do. So we thought we would put together a short guide on on the Key Players who are in some way involved in moving forward the current badger cull policy.

Finally, we have also provided a Glossary given the large number of acronyms, abbreviations and technical terms that quickly creep into any discussion on bovine TB management. The Glossary is already uploaded. We are still finalising our content for Key Players and History but they should be ready soon.