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Key players

  • Author: Badgergate
  • Published: 07-02-2013 at 12:16:47

An overwhelming number of individuals, agencies, committees and organisations are involved in some way or other in the Government’s new badger control policy – from those who are actively responsible in developing and implementing the policy to those who play a more indirect role.

Many of these key players often go by mysterious acronyms such as AHVLA, BCVA or CLA or indeed Defra, Fera and NFU. We suspect that if you’re not involved in some way with farming or the environment in the UK, you’re very unlikely to know what these acronyms stand for.

As it can be very confusing to work out who’s who, what they do and where they stand on the badger cull and why, we’re putting together a brief guide for you. This will include various government-related bodies and professional associations as well as certain politicians and lobby groups that appear to have been particularly relevant to the development and implementation of the Government’s latest badger cull policy.

Our guide to these key players in the British badger cull is coming soon.