Why we should care about independent monitoring of the badger cull

Dr Sarah Durant, Senior Research Fellow, Zoological Society of London (ZSL)
Independent monitoring allows us to assess how well governments are delivering on policies and use of public funds and thus to hold them to account. Given the many failures of last year’s government-designed, farmer-led badger culls, independent monitoring of this year’s culls is essential. ... Read the full article »

Wild thoughts

Mark Carwardine, Zoologist, Writer and Broadcaster
Bristol March 2013
Repeat after me: ‘Badgers are overrunning the country, they’re destroying farmers’ livelihoods, and they must be culled’. This contemptible fairy tale is central to the Government’s wholly underhand campaign to force the badger cull on an unsuspecting public. It works on the basis that if MPs and farming unions repeat […] ... Read the full article »

Bovine TB: Cattle, Badgers and Politicians – a profoundly revealing story

Jim Ashley, Chairman of Shropshire Badger Group
Bovine TB has been hanging around for years because politicians have regularly interfered, changed the rules, varied the finance, and consistently used the issues as a political game of chess. When they go public you can be sure that they never reveal the whole story as Jim Ashley discovered. ... Read the full article »

Of badgers, birds and bTB: why killing badgers won’t save our skylarks

Tim Hounsome, Founder & Managing Director of Biocensus
Skylark nest © Tim Hounsome
My PhD research was mentioned on Mock the Week recently. I almost spat my spag bol across the room! You can imagine my surprise that a topic that I had wrestled with for years had become so topical that it had made it onto a prime time comedy show. The […] ... Read the full article »

From lions to badgers: a perspective from Africa on carnivores and conflict

Sarah Durant, Senior Research Fellow, Zoological Society of London (ZSL)
“If the world’s carnivores are to survive we must find ways to minimise their impact on people, and also, very importantly, increase tolerance for their presence in the communities that share their landscape.” Dr Sarah Durant from Zoological Society of London (ZSL) shares her perspective on the wider conservation implications of the English badger cull. ... Read the full article »

The acceptance of wildness

Alasdair Cameron
Boar & Landscape
The English badger cull could begin any day. Meanwhile, another species, the wild boar is also at risk of an imminent cull. Writer and environmental campaigner Alasdair Cameron explains why the battle to save the badger from irrational scapegoating is ultimately about much more than this one species. ... Read the full article »

Badger cull signals dark times for the veterinary profession

Mark Jones, Veterinarian and Executive Director, Humane Society International/UK
Badger in Grass Thumbnail
Despite the overwhelming scientific view that culling badgers will not help reduce TB in cattle and grave concerns over the future of many badger populations, the British Veterinary Association and the Chief Veterinary Officer continue to support the government’s plans. ... Read the full article »