Stand Up for Badgers

Powerfully narrated by Anthony Head and set to a popular sound track by Primal Scream, this short, sweet, poignant film asks us to open our eyes, come together and do something about the government’s plans to kill thousands of wild badgers across England. ... See more »

Stop the Cull

Voices of reason:  Sir David Attenborough, Mark Carwardine, Simon King and George Monbiot explain their scientific, moral and ethical objections to the UK Coalition Government’s badger cull policy ... See more »

Just Do Something

What’s really driving this badger cull? This short film captures the essence of the UK Coalition Government’s badger cull policy. ... See more »

Badgers at Night

Badgers at play: Unique night time cameras developed by Ammonite Films capture wild badgers having fun as dusk falls on the edge of Bristol. ... See more »


That’s roughly the ratio of people to badgers in England, using the figure of 53 million people in England and Natural England’s estimate of 220,000 badgers in 2011. But if the two pilot culls that are planned for this summer are deemed ‘successful’ and the Government’s badger cull policy is […] ... See more »

Welsh Government Badger Vaccination Programme

Badger vaccination is a key part of the Welsh Government’s TB eradication strategy. The Chief Veterinary Officer for Wales, Dr Christianne Glossop, explains how the Welsh Government’s Badger Vaccination Programme is seeking to gradually raise levels of immunity of badgers in one geographical area. This video also shows how badgers […] ... See more »

National Trust Badger Vaccination Programme

Badger Vaccination at Killerton Estate, Devon from National Trust on Vimeo. The National Trust is working with the UK Government’s Food & Environment Agency (Fera) on a 4-year programme to vaccinate the badgers on its 6,500 acre estate at Killerton in Devon. The footage shows just how easy it is […] ... See more »