What price a badger?

Bertie Gregory What price a badger
So what’s a badger worth? Hard to say since badgers aren’t generally bought and sold in the market place – at least not legally. The ‘price’ set for every dead badger shot during last year’s pilot badger culls was just £30. This apparently was enough to cover the costs of […] ... Read the full article »

Badger cull maths, stats and management

Dr Tim Hounsome | 20 January 2014
Using Defra’s own figures and the best case scenario, Tim Hounsome has calculated that the pilot culls cost £12,857/km² to save £714/km². These figures alone, which make Tim want to smash his head into his desk, should cause any sensible decision-maker seriously reconsider a cull policy that is deeply flawed on many fronts. ... Read the full article »

Wildlife Trusts badger cull infographic

  ... Read the full article »

So many questions, so little time

The pilot badger culls could begin any day now and over 5,000 badgers are destined to die despite many unanswered questions such as how many badgers will be killed outright on the first shot and how many may just be wounded, how much suffering is considered ‘acceptable’ and how these things will be measured in order to decide if free shooting is humane. Answers to these questions are vital, since the future fate of many tens of thousands of badgers depend on them. ... Read the full article »

Pilot culls – the basics

The Coalition Government is planning to cull badgers in two areas of England to test certain elements of the Government’s new policy on bovine TB eradication in England. The main method of culling will be to shoot free-running badgers at night using rifles and shotguns. The first year’s cull will involve the removal of up to nearly 3,000 badgers in West Gloucestershire and over 2,000 badgers in West Somerset. ... Read the full article »