Badger cull – it will not happen

6 March 2013 | Mail Online | Michael Hanlon
Owen Patterson, the Environment Secretary, seems to be doing his damnedest to drive Tory poll ratings down still further. ... Read the full article »

Dad’s Army’s take on the badger cull

24 November 2012 | Farmer’s Weekly | Stephen Carr
The actor Clive Dunn may have passed away but the spirit of Dad’s Army lives on. And if it was set in Gloucestershire in 2012, it’d go a little something like this… ... Read the full article »

The truth about bovines, badgers and the spread of TB

11 November 2012 | The Observer | Alice Roberts
Mycobacteria and TB have been in the news a lot recently. In fact, one particular species has been hogging the limelight: Mycobacterium bovis. As its name suggests, it likes to infect cows, but as we’re recently all too aware, it’s quite happy in badgers too. ... Read the full article »

An open letter to Owen Paterson, the new environment secretary

8 September 2012 | Robin McKie | The Observer
David Cameron reshuffled his cabinet last week, putting Owen Paterson in charge of the green brief. Here the Observer’s science editor explains why he has grave misgivings – for the country and for the planet as a whole ... Read the full article »

Badger cull is a U-turn-in-waiting

31 May 2012 | The Guardian | Damian Carrington
Accurately counting nocturnal, underground animals is understandably hard. But uncertainty about badger numbers fatally undermines the attempt to control TB in cattle. ... Read the full article »

Bovine TB, badgers and a permaculture perspective

16 August 2011 | Permaculture | Tim Green
What is bovine TB? Why are we set to cull huge numbers of badgers to deal with it? Why can’t we use a bovine tb vaccine? Cattle farmer and permaculturist Tim Green answers some of these questions ... Read the full article »

Control landowners, not badgers – that’s the real answer to bovine TB

15 November 2010 | The Guardian | George Monbiot
Culling badgers risks spreading TB, government research concludes. But the NFU wants blood ... Read the full article »