Stand Up for Badgers

Stand up for badgers: open your eyes and can the carrot!

A short, sweet, poignant film on the government’s ‘crazy’ badger cull policy made for the Badger Trust with the help of hundreds of volunteers. Shot at Secret World Wildlife Rescue in Somerset and post-produced by world-famous facility houses in Bristol, Stand up for Badgers is powerfully narrated by Anthony Head and set to a popular sound track by Primal Scream, “Come Together”.

Over a quarter of a million people have already said ‘No’ to the English badger cull, but the more people that join the campaign, the more effective it will be.

Please share the link to the film as widely as you can and urge others to continue putting pressure on the Government by signing the government e-petition, writing to their MPs, supporting the Badger Trust and the many other wildlife groups that are working hard to find a more humane alternative to a mass cull of a much-loved native species.

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