Badgers, Bovine TB and the UK General Election

25 April 2015 | Chris Cheeseman, letter to Stroud News & Journal (SNJ)
Badgergate is delighted to publish a letter about the badger cull policy from Dr Chris Cheeseman, badger ecologist and former government advisor. ... Read the full article »

The death of Badger 41

The independent experts’ report on the 2013 badger culls confirms that free shooting as practiced in the culls was not a humane method of killing badgers. The story of Badger 41 illustrates why. ... Read the full article »

Badger culls 2014: here we go again…

27 September 2014 | Badgergate
The latest round of badger culls is now well under way in England although there is little credible science or public support to justify the Government’s continuation of its industry-led cull. ... Read the full article »

Why we should care about independent monitoring of the badger cull

Dr Sarah Durant, Senior Research Fellow, Zoological Society of London (ZSL)
Independent monitoring allows us to assess how well governments are delivering on policies and use of public funds and thus to hold them to account. Given the many failures of last year’s government-designed, farmer-led badger culls, independent monitoring of this year’s culls is essential. ... Read the full article »

Free shooting badgers: a decidedly risky business

Any day now, badger culling could begin again in England. Dr Chris Cheeseman, an experienced marksman and ecologist, considers the legal and public safety aspects of free shooting badgers. ... Read the full article »

Revelations from the Somerset badger cull zone

The 2013 pilot badger culls were an abject failure on many counts – effectiveness, humaneness and cost. Yet the Government still intends to pursue this risky and expensive policy. ... Read the full article »

Gassing badgers: Science vs. Royals

Badgers - a bundle of babies
Science vs. Royals: gassing badgers is the way forward says Princess Anne in the wake of the failed pilot badger culls, which relied on controlled shooting. Scientists however disagree vehemently. ... Read the full article »