Of badgers, birds and bTB: why killing badgers won’t save our skylarks

Tim Hounsome, Founder & Managing Director of Biocensus
Skylark nest © Tim Hounsome
My PhD research was mentioned on Mock the Week recently. I almost spat my spag bol across the room! You can imagine my surprise that a topic that I had wrestled with for years had become so topical that it had made it onto a prime time comedy show. The […] ... Read the full article »

Is the badger population out of control?

April 2013
“Since the badger was made a protected species in 1973 the population has been expanding out of control…” “The badger, a species without natural predators, is a classic example of a population out of control.” The Veterinary Association for Wildlife Management So is the badger population really growing out of […] ... Read the full article »