Get badger vaccination out of the toolbox and use it

Gordon McGlone
Dr Gordon McGlone, former CEO of Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust, recommends that we stop obsessing about a badger cull and suggests several measure to make badger vaccination less costly and more effective. ... Read the full article »

Benefits of Badger Vaccination

A Summary of Carter et al. 2012 by Badgergate
Brief summary of study and key findings This study investigated the direct effects of Bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccination against tuberculosis (TB) on individual vaccinated wild badgers and its indirect effects on unvaccinated wild badgers. TB in badgers is caused by Mycobacterium bovis (M. bovis), a bacterium similar to the one […] ... Read the full article »

Welsh Government Badger Vaccination Programme

Badger vaccination is a key part of the Welsh Government’s TB eradication strategy. The Chief Veterinary Officer for Wales, Dr Christianne Glossop, explains how the Welsh Government’s Badger Vaccination Programme is seeking to gradually raise levels of immunity of badgers in one geographical area. This video also shows how badgers […] ... Read the full article »

National Trust Badger Vaccination Programme

Badger Vaccination at Killerton Estate, Devon from National Trust on Vimeo. The National Trust is working with the UK Government’s Food & Environment Agency (Fera) on a 4-year programme to vaccinate the badgers on its 6,500 acre estate at Killerton in Devon. The footage shows just how easy it is […] ... Read the full article »

Welsh Badger Vaccination Project

Summary of First Year (2012) Report  In March 2012, the Welsh Assembly Government announced its plans to replace an earlier proposal to cull badgers with a 5-year Badger Vaccination Project (BVP) as part of its Bovine TB Eradication Programme. The BVP is taking place in 288 km2 mainly in north Pembrokeshire […] ... Read the full article »

Who’s vaccinating badgers?

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Agencies & Charities currently Vaccinating Badgers against TB Who Where When Area covered (km2)  No. of badgers vaccinated Fera, UK Government Badger Vaccine Deployment Project Numerous premises around Stroud, Gloucestershire 2010 – 2015 84-100   998 (2012) 628 (2011) 541 (2010) The Welsh Assembly Government together with WT of South & West […] ... Read the full article »

Badger vaccination

Why vaccinate badgers? Laboratory studies and research on wild badgers in the field have shown that injecting badgers with BCG significantly reduces the progression and severity of TB and the excretion of TB bacteria. Furthermore, unlike culling, vaccination does not disrupt badger social groups and therefore doesn’t risk increased TB […] ... Read the full article »