What price a badger?

Bertie Gregory What price a badger
So what’s a badger worth? Hard to say since badgers aren’t generally bought and sold in the market place – at least not legally. The ‘price’ set for every dead badger shot during last year’s pilot badger culls was just £30. This apparently was enough to cover the costs of […] ... Read the full article »

Wildlife Trusts badger cull infographic

  ... Read the full article »

Bovine TB: Cattle, Badgers and Politicians – a profoundly revealing story

Jim Ashley, Chairman of Shropshire Badger Group
Bovine TB has been hanging around for years because politicians have regularly interfered, changed the rules, varied the finance, and consistently used the issues as a political game of chess. When they go public you can be sure that they never reveal the whole story as Jim Ashley discovered. ... Read the full article »

Bovine TB strategy for England launched

5 July 2013 | Badgergate
On 4th July, the Government announced radical new proposals for eradicating TB from England over the next 25 years along with a public consultation open to all that will run until 26th September. ... Read the full article »

Benefits of Badger Vaccination

A Summary of Carter et al. 2012 by Badgergate
Brief summary of study and key findings This study investigated the direct effects of Bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccination against tuberculosis (TB) on individual vaccinated wild badgers and its indirect effects on unvaccinated wild badgers. TB in badgers is caused by Mycobacterium bovis (M. bovis), a bacterium similar to the one […] ... Read the full article »

The Toolbox

“I am determined to use every tool at our disposal and to bear down on the disease in both cattle and badgers.“ Owen Paterson, Oxford Farming Conference, January 2013 It seems, however, that all tools are not created equal and some enjoy greater favour than others. If you really don’t […] ... Read the full article »