The death of Badger 41

The independent experts’ report on the 2013 badger culls confirms that free shooting as practiced in the culls was not a humane method of killing badgers. The story of Badger 41 illustrates why. ... Read the full article »

Badger culls 2014: here we go again…

27 September 2014 | Badgergate
The latest round of badger culls is now well under way in England although there is little credible science or public support to justify the Government’s continuation of its industry-led cull. ... Read the full article »

The grim reality of free-shooting badgers

It’s clear Badger 200 died painfully. While we don’t know how many more badgers suffered similar or worse fates, Badger 200 was not an exception. ... Read the full article »

Pilot badger culls fail on two major counts

Pilot badger culls were neither effective nor humane. This, according to the BBC, is the damning conclusion of the Government’s own appointed Independent Expert Panel. ... Read the full article »

Just how serious is Defra about assessing the humaneness of free shooting badgers?

Defra has released some further news about its badger cull humaneness monitoring methods that has got Badgergate even more worried about the pilot badger culls. ... Read the full article »

So many questions, so little time

The pilot badger culls could begin any day now and over 5,000 badgers are destined to die despite many unanswered questions such as how many badgers will be killed outright on the first shot and how many may just be wounded, how much suffering is considered ‘acceptable’ and how these things will be measured in order to decide if free shooting is humane. Answers to these questions are vital, since the future fate of many tens of thousands of badgers depend on them. ... Read the full article »

Badger cull signals dark times for the veterinary profession

Mark Jones, Veterinarian and Executive Director, Humane Society International/UK
Badger in Grass Thumbnail
Despite the overwhelming scientific view that culling badgers will not help reduce TB in cattle and grave concerns over the future of many badger populations, the British Veterinary Association and the Chief Veterinary Officer continue to support the government’s plans. ... Read the full article »