Badger culling – science-based policy, or policy-based science?

Mark Jones, Veterinarian and Executive Director, Humane Society International/UK
If plans proceed, this summer will see large numbers of badgers targeted and shot at by farmers, landowners and their agents wielding rifles and shotguns, in what DEFRA refers to as ‘pilot culls’ in parts of Gloucestershire, Somerset and possibly Dorset. ... Read the full article »

Why badger culling isn’t the answer

Liz Mullineaux, Veterinarian, BVM&S, DVM&S, CertSHP, MRCVS
As a veterinary surgeon, animal welfare is my primary concern. Shooting of free-running badgers has never been carried out before and is likely to result in injured live badgers. There is a real risk that dependant badger cubs will die underground at either end of the proposed culling season. ... Read the full article »