Wild thoughts

Mark Carwardine, Zoologist, Writer and Broadcaster
Bristol March 2013
Repeat after me: ‘Badgers are overrunning the country, they’re destroying farmers’ livelihoods, and they must be culled’. This contemptible fairy tale is central to the Government’s wholly underhand campaign to force the badger cull on an unsuspecting public. It works on the basis that if MPs and farming unions repeat […] ... Read the full article »

Of badgers, birds and bTB: why killing badgers won’t save our skylarks

Tim Hounsome, Founder & Managing Director of Biocensus
Skylark nest © Tim Hounsome
My PhD research was mentioned on Mock the Week recently. I almost spat my spag bol across the room! You can imagine my surprise that a topic that I had wrestled with for years had become so topical that it had made it onto a prime time comedy show. The […] ... Read the full article »

Is the badger population out of control?

April 2013
“Since the badger was made a protected species in 1973 the population has been expanding out of control…” “The badger, a species without natural predators, is a classic example of a population out of control.” The Veterinary Association for Wildlife Management So is the badger population really growing out of […] ... Read the full article »

Need to Know

So many myths, so little time… Myths and misconceptions crop up with alarming frequency in the long-running debate on bovine TB and what needs to be done to manage it. Indeed, some of these myths and misconceptions are repeated so often they’ve become rather like mantras and can easily be […] ... Read the full article »