What price a badger?

Bertie Gregory What price a badger
So what’s a badger worth? Hard to say since badgers aren’t generally bought and sold in the market place – at least not legally. The ‘price’ set for every dead badger shot during last year’s pilot badger culls was just £30. This apparently was enough to cover the costs of […] ... Read the full article »

Badger cull maths, stats and management

Dr Tim Hounsome | 20 January 2014
Using Defra’s own figures and the best case scenario, Tim Hounsome has calculated that the pilot culls cost £12,857/km² to save £714/km². These figures alone, which make Tim want to smash his head into his desk, should cause any sensible decision-maker seriously reconsider a cull policy that is deeply flawed on many fronts. ... Read the full article »