A Tale of Blue Bigots and Green Blobs

It’s a while since we’ve read anything in the news quite as entertaining as Owen Paterson’s recent tirade against the ‘Green Blob’ (the one wot done him in). ... Read the full article »

The on-going pilot cull debacle

27 January 2014 | Badgergate
It’s nearly two months since the pilot culls came to an end. Despite spiralling costs and many other problems, Defra and the NFU seem committed to roll out the badger cull later this year. ... Read the full article »

Opposition Day motion against the badger cull defeated

10 June 2013 | Badgergate
On 5 June 2013, the Government succeeded in defeating the Labour Party’s Opposition Day motion against the badger cull by 299 votes to 250. The remaining 101 MPs either abstained, withheld their vote or did not vote. While the motion was defeated by 49 votes, the result came as no […] ... Read the full article »