A Tale of Blue Bigots and Green Blobs

It’s a while since we’ve read anything in the news quite as entertaining as Owen Paterson’s recent tirade against the ‘Green Blob’ (the one wot done him in). ... Read the full article »

Revelations from the Somerset badger cull zone

The 2013 pilot badger culls were an abject failure on many counts – effectiveness, humaneness and cost. Yet the Government still intends to pursue this risky and expensive policy. ... Read the full article »

What price a badger?

Bertie Gregory What price a badger
So what’s a badger worth? Hard to say since badgers aren’t generally bought and sold in the market place – at least not legally. The ‘price’ set for every dead badger shot during last year’s pilot badger culls was just £30. This apparently was enough to cover the costs of […] ... Read the full article »

The grim reality of free-shooting badgers

It’s clear Badger 200 died painfully. While we don’t know how many more badgers suffered similar or worse fates, Badger 200 was not an exception. ... Read the full article »

Wild thoughts

Mark Carwardine, Zoologist, Writer and Broadcaster
Bristol March 2013
Repeat after me: ‘Badgers are overrunning the country, they’re destroying farmers’ livelihoods, and they must be culled’. This contemptible fairy tale is central to the Government’s wholly underhand campaign to force the badger cull on an unsuspecting public. It works on the basis that if MPs and farming unions repeat […] ... Read the full article »

Street artists join ‘Stop the Cull’ campaign

Street artists from around the world join the ‘Stop the cull’ campaign to save the badgers In the summer last year, England was facing the start of what was to become a disastrous pilot badger cull. The government wanted to keep it quiet. The media responded with minimal coverage of […] ... Read the full article »

The Bristol Badger March

The Bristol Badger March was the latest in a series of marches organized by Dominic Dyer from Care for the Wild with support from many others. More marches are planned for 2014. If you’s like one held in your town, just get in touch with Care for the Wild. ... Read the full article »