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Street artists join 'Stop the Cull' campaign

  • Author: Badgergate
  • Published: 02-02-2014 at 01:13:20

Street artists from around the world join the ‘Stop the cull’ campaign to save the badgers
In the summer last year, England was facing the start of what was to become a disastrous pilot badger cull. The government wanted to keep it quiet. The media responded with minimal coverage of the horror that was about to be rolled out in the cull zones.

My answer to the media blackout was to reach out to the street artists whose work I’d started looking out for on my lunchtime walks around Shoreditch. I’m pleased to say that they’ve all been very happy to add their unique styles to the campaign.  These artists are international figures, with huge numbers of followers world-wide.  Through their powerful works many more people became aware of the cull, despite the silence of most mainstream media.

According to Martin Ron, his Badgergate mural below represents ‘a complex machine without feeling, a mutant with a lot of power up against a tiny animal that in reality is adapting to the habitat around it.’

These dramatic, inspirational pieces show us how we can all do things in different ways to stand up for the things we care about. Please do what you can in your own way to stand up for Britain’s badgers. See Badgergate’s What You Can Do page for ideas.

Special thanks to ROA for the piece he did for us in Chichester, Macay Macarena, Martin Ron, Phlegm and Griff from Street Art London.


 ROA, a street artist from Belgium, painted this dead badger especially for our campaign.  It caused quite a stir in the village.



 Martin Ron visited the UK last year from Argentina. Whilst in London he painted the Village Underground wall with this piece called 'Badgergate'


Macay, the Chilean artist Macarena Yañez, was in London last summer for her exhibition and was pleased to incorporate my badger photos into her collage pasted up in Shoreditch.


Phlegm has just opened his first solo exhibition ‘Beastiary‘ in Shoreditch on 1st February. Amongst the other black & white creatures look out for the badger in the Beastiary