Who’s vaccinating badgers?

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The U.K. Government as well as the Welsh Assembly Government and a growing number of NGOs are involved in badger vaccination programmes in England and Wales. Of these, the largest in scale is that of the Welsh Assembly Government, which is now in its second year.

Among the charities, the Badger Trust, the National Trust and the Wildlife Trusts, notably the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust, have  been at the forefront of smaller-scale, but equally important badger vaccination programmes. The Badger Trust works with landowners, including small-holders and farmers, using mainly volunteers, while the National Trust and Gloucestershire WT have been vaccinating badgers on their own land, respectively. The former has used U.K. Government vaccinators from Fera, while the latter has relied on in-house staff, who have undergone training and been certified as lay vaccinators by Fera. Gloucestershire WT’s work is especially significant, given that West Gloucestershire is one of the two proposed pilot badger cull areas. The Trust has already completed 2 years of its programme.

Agencies & Charities currently Vaccinating Badgers against TB

WhoWhereWhenArea covered


No. of badgers vaccinated
Fera, UK Government Badger Vaccine Deployment ProjectNumerous premises around Stroud, Gloucestershire2010 – 201584-100  998 (2012)

628 (2011)

541 (2010)

The Welsh Assembly Government together with WT of South & West WalesThe TB “Intensive Action Area” (IAA), Pembrokeshire, Wales2012 – 20172881,424  (2012)
The Badger Trust & supporting UK badger groups with certified lay vaccinatorsPrivately owned land (3 out of 17 sites were provided by the NFU)June 2011 onwards17 sites so far97
The National Trust with Fera vaccinatorsKillerton Estate, Devon2011 – 201520 >100 so far

(exact numbers undisclosed)

The RSPBHighnam Woods, Gloucestershire2012 & 20131.1Undisclosed
Berks, Bucks & Oxon WT in collaboration with the Badger TrustAn undisclosed site in west Oxfordshire2012 – 20172.5Undisclosed
Cheshire WT in partnership with Shropshire WT & volunteers from Wirral & Cheshire Badger GroupBickley Hall Farm, Cheshire2012 – 20170.8512 (2012)
Gloucestershire WTSeven nature reserves across Trust land in Gloucestershire.2010 – 20151.7


37 (2012)

38 (2011)

Shropshire WT in partnership with Cheshire WTAn undisclosed reserve in north Shropshire2012 – 2017Undisclosed5 (2012)
Somerset WTUndisclosed2012-?0.12Undisclosed
Warwickshire WTBrandon Marsh Reserve, Warwickshire2012 – 20150.925 (2012)




Fera    The Food and Environment Research Agency of Defra

Defra  Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, UK Government

RSPB  Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

TBC    To be confirmed

WT     Wildlife Trust


A number of wildlife trusts are currently exploring the feasibility of vaccination on their reserves (e.g. Devon Wildlife Trust) or actively seeking funds to launch a vaccination programme (e.g.  Dorset WT, Hampshire & Isle of Wight WT and Staffordshire WT). Links to these local Wildlife Trusts are also given below in case you wish to find out more and/or make a donation.

If your organization is currently vaccinating badgers and would like to be included here, please write to us at [email protected]

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