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A selection of key news on bovine TB control and the English badger cull.

National Badger March

1 June | Badgergate
Yes, it’s 1st June already and the day of the National March Against The Badger Cull in London. We’re sorry we can’t be there but we hope there’ll be a huge turnout and that all goes well. ... Read the full article »

Badger cull is crazy says Lord Krebs…again

21 May 2013 | Badgergate
In a BBC Radio 4 programme broadcast on Tuesday, Lord Krebs reiterated his view that the Government’s decision to cull badgers to reduce TB in cattle is ‘crazy’ and that he ‘strongly’ disagrees with it. ... Read the full article »

Gloucestershire County Council votes against badger cull

16 May 2013 | Badgergate
Gloucestershire County Council has just voted against the Government’s proposed badger cull due to start any time from 1st June onwards in West Gloucestershire and West Somerset. ... Read the full article »

Smallholder magazine criticises government plans for badger cull

11 May 2013 | Smallholder
Britain’s oldest specialist agricultural journal has condemned government plans to shoot thousands of badgers. ... Read the full article »

Greater bovine TB research call from Cardiff scientist

10 May 2013 | BBC News | Wales Politics
A leading scientist has called on the Welsh government to organise and fund research into bovine TB. ... Read the full article »

Bovine TB outbreak hits the North West

9 May 2013 | Famers Weekly | Philip Case
An investigation is under way into a rare bovine TB outbreak on the Lancashire/Cumbria border. ... Read the full article »

Badger cull planners prepare for action as protests go on

6 May 2013 | Western Morning News
Many aspects of rural life are a mystery to those not directly engaged with them. The rhythms of life and death on the farm; the culls and the casualties, the control of vermin … ... Read the full article »

RSPCA comes under fire for badger cull protests

28 April 2013 | The Observer | By Jamie Doward
The RSPCA, the world’s oldest and largest animal welfare organisation, is at the centre of an increasingly bitter row over how it conducts its campaigns. ... Read the full article »

Paterson: England ‘odd man out’ on bovine TB

26 April 2013 | Farmers Weekly | Philip Case
DEFRA secretary Owen Paterson has described England as a “freak country” for letting bovine TB spiral out of control by not tackling the disease in wildlife. ... Read the full article »

50 scientists meet to debate badger cull

25 April 2013 | Farmers Weekly | By Philip Case
DEFRA chief scientist Ian Boyd is hosting a meeting with leading scientists to discuss the forthcoming badger cull and long-term approaches to tackling bovine TB. ... Read the full article »