Important news

A selection of key news on bovine TB control and the English badger cull.

Environment Minister Owen Paterson “bored with high-profile public entertainers” on badger cull

25 April 2013 | This is Cornwall | By WB Miles
The Environment Minister has spoken out against “high-profile public entertainers” speaking out on the proposed badger cull. ... Read the full article »

UK-China research collaboration holds hope for bovine TB vaccine

24 April 2013 | Feedstuffs | Tim Lundeed
Scientists at The University of Nottingham are studying whether harmful bacteria found in cattle could be harnessed to protect livestock from the devastating disease bovine tuberculosis (TB). ... Read the full article »

Brian May to join Taunton protest against badger cull plan

19 April 2013 | This is Somerset
A coalition of charities and wildlife groups campaigning to stop the Government’s cull of badgers in England are stepping up their activity with a march and ... Read the full article »

Anti-badger cull clause planned for market traders

17 April 2013 | Farmers Weekly | Caroline Stocks
Farmers who support badger culling could be banned from trading at a farmers’ market in Gloucestershire under plans to force traders to sign an anti-cull agreement. ... Read the full article »

Soil Association rejects call to oppose badger cull

8 April 2013 | Farmers Weekly | Philip Case
The Soil Association says it will continue to certify organic products sourced from farms taking part in the badger cull, despite criticism from a wildlife charity. ... Read the full article »

Cattle and badgers with TB ‘rarely meet’, says study

27 March 2013 | Farmers Weekly | Philip Case
Direct contact between badgers and cattle is rare, suggesting that it may be rare for bovine tuberculosis to be passed on through the two species meeting each other on pasture, say scientists. ... Read the full article »

Pauline Kidner and Liz Mullineaux: Cull helps neither farmers nor badgers

18 March 2013 | Western Daily Press | Pauline Kidner & Liz Mullineaux
Farming Minister David Heath’s article in the Western Daily Press on Friday described the dreadful ongoing problem faced by farmers in the South West – tuberculosis in cattle. Unfortunately, like many politicians before him, he has taken the easy option of believing that culling badgers can solve this very difficult […] ... Read the full article »