Opposition to the UK Coalition Government’s proposals to cull badgers across England comes from a much more diverse group of people than one might think based on some of the media coverage and statements by politicians and other key figures leading the implementation of this policy.

There is a tendency by those in favour of culling badgers to characterise all those against the cull as either animal rights extremists or clueless, sentimental badger-hugging urbanites lost in time, specifically 1908, when Wind in the Willows was written. This classic of children’s literature by Kenneth Grahame is according to some the main reason why so many are opposed to killing badgers. Indeed, barely a week goes by without some news report on the badger cull that also makes reference to the Wind in the Willows. You can read what Badgergate thinks of this perenially popular caricature of  the anti-cull lobby by ‘pro-cullers’ in our very first Blog post.

In reality, opposition to the Government’s badger cull policy comes from many different quarters, including scientists, writers, journalists, farmers, vets, wildlife filmmakers, conservationists, wildlife enthusiasts and many others. Badgergate’s Guest Articles show how deeply concerned people are about the proposed badger culls – and why. Indeed, the strength of people’s feelings against the badger culls is reported to have taken the Government by surprise.

Although many are passionate about their reasons for opposing the cull, this does not make them irrational or sentimental or indeed ‘extreme’ – far from it. But while their reasons may be clear, well-argued and supported by many, their voices are often simply, dismissed, ignored or belittled by those in favour of badger culling.

We’ve also included a selection of Great Quotes that we particularly like because they capture people’s concerns and perspectives about the badger culls in a few words, with great force, insight and/or humour.