Guest Articles

To many people the evidence-base for the Coalition Government’s badger cull policy just doesn’t stack up enough to justify killing thousands of mostly healthy badgers, one of the UK’s protected native wild species.

Badgergate’s Guest Articles also confirm that people’s misgivings about the proposed badger culls go far deeper than just a sentimental distaste for killing cute, cuddly creatures that remind us of kindly Badger in Wind in the Willows. These articles certainly highlight the specific concerns of their authors about the Government’s badger cull policy. But many go beyond to also examine our relationship with nature and how we choose to manage and ‘make space’ for it in a world that is losing its wildlife at record rates – not just internationally, but also in the UK, as highlighted by the State of Nature report released on 22nd May 2013 .

We hope that you will find our selection of articles interesting and thought-provoking. We will add new articles regularly as we try to capture why people from so many different walks of life are so deeply opposed to the English badger culls.

Badger cull: a filmmaker’s view

Martin Dohrn
Since I began my career, Britain has become increasingly like a wildlife desert. Intensive farming and insecticide have wiped out a significant proportion of our insects and large swathes of habitat for other wildlife. I want this wildlife recession to stop. ... Read the full article »

Get badger vaccination out of the toolbox and use it

Gordon McGlone
Dr Gordon McGlone, former CEO of Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust, recommends that we stop obsessing about a badger cull and suggests several measure to make badger vaccination less costly and more effective. ... Read the full article »

The sacrificial beast

David Helton
“Damn the accusations of cruelty, damn the conservation, damn the obvious insanity of the operation – you could kill every single badger and cows would still get TB.” David Helton, author and environmental journalist, gives us his take on the Government’s proposed badger cull. ... Read the full article »

The damned shame of it all

Chris Packham
I wake up and I simply wonder why? Why can there seriously be any thought of this cull going ahead? Why, after we conducted a thorough scientific analysis, which showed it would actually make the problem worse, are we going to kill badgers? Why, when bTB is such a serious […] ... Read the full article »

Change outdated policies

Dave & Gill Purser
We’ve kept cattle in a Gloucestershire ‘TB hot-spot’ since the 80’s so we’re no strangers to the rigmarole of annual bTB testing. But the dread we feel at testing time comes from the threat posed by Defra‘s ‘test and cull’ policy rather than concern about the disease itself. In every […] ... Read the full article »